Change Challenge

It is what we think and how we feel that significantly influences our ability to face change.

In Matthew 18:3, in answer to a question about who was the greatest, Jesus says, “I tell you the truth, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of Heaven.” I find His answer both demanding and challenging.

What is on your ‘Needs to Change’ horizon today?

  • It may be in your world of work, it could easily be that relationships have come into focus.
  • Maybe like me at this moment, your health has pushed into your thinking in an unexpected and surprising way.
  • Thinking back to the words of Jesus above, maybe your spiritual condition is demanding your attention.

How should we react to any and all of our ‘Change Challenges’? First we must FACE THE FACTS. Ignoring, pretending or hiding from the reality of the FACTS simply paralyses you and makes matters worse. Don’t let your emotions prevent you from dealing with ALL THE FACTS of what you face. This is the RATIONAL PART of facing change. Don’t be afraid to think through the facts.

Having pushed aside feelings in order to deal with the facts, now our success in managing the ‘Change Challenge’ requires us to recognise and deal with the power of our EMOTIONAL LIFE.

Positive and negative feelings about; people, places, the past, our perceptions and much more, can seriously hold us back from necessary change.

Our fears of the unknown, of failure or our lack of ability can quickly paralyse us, as can our apprehension or unrealistic excitement about the future.

The simple truth is, recognise the strength and influence of the emotional, intuitive part of your life. Use it to help you make good decisions but don’t let it stop you from making decisions.

The final step is to follow through. Don’t stop if it starts to hurt, feels different or uncomfortable. Stand by your decision and follow through with the change. It will be worth it.